A collection of what inspires me and what I’ve done with it.

02 Jan '15

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Happy New Year!

Here’s are Fin’s renditions of some Holiday classics. This kid never ceases to entertain me.

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25 Oct '14

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Mount Olive’s Got Talent

Olivia comes home with a flyer announcing a talent show for the town (MO’s Got Talent).

“I want to do yoga” “No” “I want to do rainbow loom” “No” “ooo…I want to sing” “Good Idea” “and I want youRead More

14 Jan '14

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An audition for Anna

I recorded this a couple days ago, but I just found out Frozen will be coming to broadway. The soundtrack has been on repeat at home and I’m still not tired of the songs. The timeline for the play … Read More

02 Nov '13

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Words to live by

Here are my contributions to the typography poster epidemic. I say ‘contributions’ assuming I’ll be adding more, but knowing myself, you’ll be looking at just the one.

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28 Oct '13

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Work backwards

I’m always on the hunt for solid design tips. For myself, there are no shockers on this list, but rather reminders that can be used along the way. It’s easy to get caught up and carried away when designing, but … Read More

22 Oct '13

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Wrapping Presents. Saving Trees.

I was never great at wrapping presents. I under estimate how much paper I need. My folds aren’t straight. I use too much tape.

Gift bags are a good alternative, but with my latest present, I think I’ve reinvented gift-wrapping … Read More

09 Oct '13

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Not your father’s website

If Nike or Sony launches a shiny new site with all the latest technology and best practices, people dig in and enjoy. And while it is all very impressive, it’s expected. The sports & gaming industries, along with many others, … Read More

03 Oct '13

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Baby Pictures to Babies’ Pictures

A little over 6 years ago, we settled on the name Olivia for our first child. As any designer would do, I purchased and started to build a gallery of sonogram photos. This easily transitioned to baby pictures…which, … Read More

10 Sep '13

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Rockin’ some Barbie

I could do this all day. We’ll play this at princess open mic night when that exists. (Please excuse the tornado that struck the couch).

Music has been part of my life for as far back as I can … Read More

09 Apr '13

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Everybody is a Genius

The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers by 99U opens the list with Role Mismatch. In the creative field, the expectation for designers to deliver is often misunderstood…designers developing, developer designing. Hats off to the multi-hatted, but understand that most designers are specialized. Play … Read More