25 Oct '14

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Mount Olive’s Got Talent

Olivia comes home with a flyer announcing a talent show for the town (MO’s Got Talent).

“I want to do yoga” “No” “I want to do rainbow loom” “No” “ooo…I want to sing” “Good Idea” “and I want youRead More

14 Jan '14

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An audition for Anna

I recorded this a couple days ago, but I just found out Frozen will be coming to broadway. The soundtrack has been on repeat at home and I’m still not tired of the songs. The timeline for the play … Read More

10 Sep '13

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Rockin’ some Barbie

I could do this all day. We’ll play this at princess open mic night when that exists. (Please excuse the tornado that struck the couch).

Music has been part of my life for as far back as I can … Read More

15 Aug '11

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Normandy Beach 2011

We enjoyed another week down at Normandy Beach (Jersey Shore) this summer. Luckily the only “situation” we ran into was a bit of rain. Here’s a short glimpse into our trip.

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02 Jul '11

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My first video with my Pentax k-7…any DSLR for that matter. Focusing has a ways to go, but the quality looks nice. Music brought to you by The Temper Trap. Summer fun brought to you by Mommy.

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