22 Oct '13

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Wrapping Presents. Saving Trees.

I was never great at wrapping presents. I under estimate how much paper I need. My folds aren’t straight. I use too much tape.

Gift bags are a good alternative, but with my latest present, I think I’ve reinvented gift-wrapping … Read More

03 Oct '13

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Baby Pictures to Babies’ Pictures

A little over 6 years ago, we settled on the name Olivia for our first child. As any designer would do, I purchased and started to build a gallery of sonogram photos. This easily transitioned to baby pictures…which, … Read More

09 Apr '13

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Everybody is a Genius

The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers by 99U opens the list with Role Mismatch. In the creative field, the expectation for designers to deliver is often misunderstood…designers developing, developer designing. Hats off to the multi-hatted, but understand that most designers are specialized. Play … Read More

08 Apr '13

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Kids in their upright and locked positions

These are a few props as part of our scheme to surprise the kids with their 1st trip to Disney World. I’d also propose that all Disney flight tickets look like this, but that seems like a stretch for me … Read More

22 Jan '13

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And the theme for Fin’s 1st is…

Fin’s turning 1 this week and for his party we’ll be throwing down one red apple, two green pears, three purple plums, four red strawberries, five whole oranges, chocolate cake, ice-cream, a pickle, Swiss cheese, salami, a lollipop, a cherry … Read More

13 Nov '12

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Finley Concert Series

We’ve settled on doing a music theme for the new nursery. Here’s a start on some posters that’ll watch over the lil rockstar. I’m still tweaking colors, layout, textures, type, copy…basically everything, but it’s a start.

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16 Oct '11

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Milk & Cookies Birthday Party

Here are some pics of my labels in action (and my lovely ladies). This weekend we successfully celebrated my girls’ birthdays, now 4 years and almost 2. I did up some graphics, but the real creativity was all Maya’s. It … Read More