Hello. Let’s start by getting to know me first.

Why do so many designer have these oversized introductions?

Why? Because it’s aesthetically pleasing. It gives the massive body of copy you’re about to skip (or skim at best) some breathing room.

My name is Mienrado Acosta, but you can call me Min. I am a father of three, husband (to one), dog-lover, designer, musician, tech geek, and photographer.

I’m a self-taught, self-starting designer driven by curiosity and a passion for simplicity. Early on, I understood the difference behind pretty design and productive design. I’ve nurtured those ideas and carried them with me throughout my career.

The Past

It began 10+ years ago in the land of Get Well, Happy Birthday, and Mazal tov. I was hired by a greeting card company. Although it wasn’t quite the creative haven I’d had in mind, it pushed me to learn the latest applications and techniques. I scoured how-to books, tutorials, and tested every toolbar Adobe could throw at me.

With my new knowledge in tote, I sought out creative freelance projects which allowed me to solidify my own style. That is what catapulted me to the position of Senior Designer at TRIMSPA. I expanded my skills in advertising design, packaging, displays, vehicle wraps, web graphics, photo retouching, and more.

Enter the future. It was at this time, design on the web and interactivity was moving forward quickly. There was no HTML5 or CSS3 yet, but exceptional creativity was happening in the design community. I landed a role as Art Director for a work hard, play hard creative studio on the brink of exploding. This was right inline with where I was headed, so we did it together. It was collaborative and energizing. My expansion from print design to interactive design was necessary and it came naturally. The creative role became what I made of it. I strategized, designed, photographed, shot video, composed music. It all came together to build some amazing pieces.

The Present

I now work as a designer for a financial institution where my focus is on user experience and user interface. Having seen such growth on the web and being a part of these times, it was a natural transition. Usability becomes a clearer path with experience. The patterns users have become accustom to have laid down a solid foundation for which we can build on and get really creative with design.

The Future

Much like fashion, design trends come and go. Get comfortable with skeuomorphism and the world goes flat on you. Long shadows, full-screen video backgrounds, retina, polygonal, large typography, small typography, infinite scrolling. These are the things that excite me. I work hard at staying on top of these trends and keeping my designs fresh. So as I sit here in my Hypercolor t-shirt tucked into my french-cuffed jeans, I look forward to what comes next or what comes around again.


A Life of Design

The grind of pixel pushing doesn’t stop or start at the office. My most valuable clients are those closest to me. The ones that pull art off the fridge and say, “I want this on my website!” or “My whole class will get to see my art“…the clients that are able to share our story as parents with their well known secrets of motherhood.

I had intentions of blogging about design and inspiration, but it’s become more of a place for sharing my own designs that have come about through everyday life. The result is a journal where portfolio pieces get scattered amongst other thoughts and findings.

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Now that you know a bit about me,
I look forward to meeting you.

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