October 9, 2013

Not your father’s website

If Nike or Sony launches a shiny new site with all the latest technology and best practices, people dig in and enjoy. And while it is all very impressive, it’s expected. The sports & gaming industries, along with many others, have always been at the forefront of cool.

What sparked this entry was bringing up my health insurance website. It was nothing I was expecting to see…inviting photography, well-spaced, friendly font choices, mega menu, sticky nav, etc. When it’s done properly and wrapped together in a nice package, you pause for a moment. It’s not the oohs and aahs  you get from customizing your own sneakers online, but more a feeling that things are as they should be and the satisfaction that design is moving forward.

They even created a microsite, What’s your healthy?. Bonus cool-points.

Insurance, accounting, legal services, healthcare…it’s not your father’s internet anymore. Make space for the little guys because they’re catching eyes too.

Now let me get back to arguing this claim.

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