October 3, 2013

Baby Pictures to Babies’ Pictures

raising sites like kids.

A Family of Sites

A little over 6 years ago, we settled on the name Olivia for our first child. As any designer would do, I purchased and started to build a gallery of sonogram photos. This easily transitioned to baby pictures…which, over the past couple years, transitioned to a place for Olivia to share her own creations. When news of Autumn came, the same happened.

Olivia has a online art gallery, so naturally I hear Autumn as she gathers her crayons, “I’m drawing this for my website”. “OK, Autumn” – while in my head it’s more like, “You don’t have a site for your art like Olivia”. But I scramble to put something together and she’s just as excited as I am…maybe not quite so much, but she’s all smiles when we look at it.

And then there’s Fin – nothing yet to post but scribbles, but when the time comes he’ll have his own space online to shine.

As of this post, they look as they do in the image above, but who knows what will happen as they grow. Olivia & Autumn

And of course, Mommy’s baby-inspired site (courtesy of her lawfully wedded designer) Heartful Journey

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